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Manufacturers of Network AdapterS:
3Com Corporation AboCom Systems, Inc Accton Technology Corporation
ADMtek Inc Advanced Micro Devices Agere Systems
Airgo Networks, Inc. Aironet Wireless Communication Alcatel Cit
Ali Corporation Asix Electronics Corp. Atheros Communications Inc.
ATI Technologies Inc. Atmel Corp. Attansic Technology
AVM AUDIOVISUELLES MKTG & Computer GmbH B2C2 Inc Belkin International, Inc.
Broadcom Corporation CastleNet Technology Inc. Chameleon Systems Inc
Cologne Chip Designs GmbH Compaq Computer Corp. ComputerBoards
Coreco Inc D-Link System Inc Davicom Semiconductor Inc.
Digital Equipment Corporation Diversified Technology Eicon Networks Corporation
Elitegroup Computer System ELSA GmbH Epson
Hewlett-Packard Company Honeywell IASD Hyundai Electronics America
Hyundai MultiCAV Computer Co. Ltd. IC Plus Corporation Integrated Device Technology Inc.
Integrated Telecom Express Inc Intel Corporation International Business Machines Corp.
Intersil Corporation Kolter Electronic - Germany Kyushu Electronics Systems Inc
LinkSys Lite-On Technology Corp. LSI Logic 53C1030 Device
Macronix International Co. Ltd. Madge Networks Marian - Electronic & Software
Marvell Semiconductor Marvell Semiconductor Germany GmbH Myson Technology Inc
National Semiconductors NVIDIA O2Micro Inc
Philips Semiconductors phillip rees PLX Technology Inc.
Quantum Designs Ltd. Ralink Technology, Corp Realtek Semiconductor
Retix Corp. Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. Sharp Corporation
Siemens Nixdorf AG Silicon Integrated Systems Standard Microsystems Corporation
stefan minehan STMicroelectronics Tandem Computers
Texas Instruments Tiger Jet Network Inc U.S. Robotics
Unisys Systems United Microelectronics Unknown Vendor
VIA Technology Video Logic Ltd. VLSI Technology
Winbond Electronics Corp. Xircom  

Device Brief: Network Adapter

What is a Network Adapter driver?

Network adapters take Internet signal - carried on specialized wires - and translate it into digital commands that a computer can read. The drivers do the heavy lifting. They take Ethernet input and transform it, even if it's being broadcast wirelessly.


Problems Associated with Network Adapter s

Updated adapter drivers make sure your access to the Web is consistently good, mediating the transfer of data and the translation of data. If it gets outdated, you may not be able to access new innovations in web interactivity - that or you may lose your ability to log on at all.

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